The Body Shop Canada Offers Cruelty Free Make Up
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The Body Shop Canada Offers Cruelty Free Make Up


Ladies, did you know that make up is often derived from animal cruelty? Of course many people are aware that make up is often tested on animals; typically in the sensitive eyes of red eyed rabbits. The Body Shop and The Body Shop Canada, have always been against animal testing but they now also offer cruelty free make up which is make up that does not use anything that comes from animals. They claim that neither their products, nor ingredients, have been tested on animals.

What Make Up Products Come From Animals?

Many make up application brushes are made from goat's hair. The cruelty of obtaining this hair may be debated, however in using artificial hair there are no concerns either way.

Crushed fish scales are often used to help make make up shimmer and shine. Not everyone wants to think about wearing the scales of dead fish on their face.

Insects, particularly the cochineal insect, are often used to add color to make up. In the case of the cochineal insect, these creatures are killed and often used to make a red color.

Musk is a scent that can come from plant or animal sources (often the musk deer). The Body Shop's cruelty free fragrances do not use musk from animals. In fact the Body Shop is often credited with being a pioneer in regards to using man-made musk rather than musk from animals.

Lily Cole

The Body Shop has launched a new line of cruelty free beauty products, named Lily Cole, for the British model and actress. This line is recognized by pink and black packaging and (as of Fall 2012) is still in its early stages.

Other Facts about The Body Shop Canada and Body Shop Products

The Body Shop is not only about being less cruel to animals, they are about being less cruel to people and the planet.

The Body Shop began in the United Kingdom in 1976, and was founded by Anita Roddick, a human rights activist. The Body Shop Canada was established in 1980.

Currently the Body Shop is involved in raising awareness for domestic violence, human trafficking, and the importance of practicing safe sex.

When possible the Body Shop looks for natural ingredients from Community Fair Trade suppliers. Community Fair Trade works to employ people in other nations and offers them a fair wage for their labors.

Since 2010 the Body Shop has been looking for ways to reduce their impact on the planet. In addition to other practices they also have started creating wildlife areas around their corporate locations.

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